3 Reasons Your Plant’s Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

It’s an all-too-common occurrence. You tend to your house plant and try to treat it with TLC. And yet, despite caring for it properly, its leaves start turning yellow. Before you throw your hands up in defeat, take a moment to see if one of these common causes is contributing to the problem. While plants turn yellow for different reasons depending on their species, identifying these underlying causes may help you nurse your plant baby back to good health. Here are a few reasons for why your plant’s leaves are turning yellow.

Plant Leaves Turning Yellow


First, if your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, it might not be a problem. Yellowing is a normal part of the aging process for many plants. As they age, their leaves may turn yellow before dropping off the plant. If your plant looks healthy aside from a few yellow leaves that shed, you probably have no reason to worry.

Cold Weather

Cold weather is a common reason for yellowing, particularly during the winter months. If your plant is near a window or other drafty area, try placing it somewhere else, at least until the weather warms up again.

Watering Issues

Yellow can be a sign of either too much or too little water. The easiest way to determine the difference is by checking the soil. Stick a finger about two inches deep into the pot. If the soil is moist, you’re probably over-watering your plant, or it’s soil isn’t draining properly. If it’s dry, the yellowing is likely a sign of thirst.

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