Planned Property Management Buildings are Bike Friendly!

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly

Planned Property Management Buildings are Bike Friendly! A Few Keys to Safely Navigating Chicago Streets.

No matter which PPM apartment you choose to live in your bicycle will be safe and secure in our dedicated bicycle storage room. Chicago has an extensive series of bicycle lanes and bike routes to get you where you need to go. In addition there are Divvy bikes hare stations all over the city that eliminate the stress of locking your bicycle and hoping it will still be there when you return.

Riding a bicycle on Chicago streets can seem scary but if you follow a few simple rules one can easily overcome your fear. My biggest complaint about bicycle riders is that each one seems to have their own set of rules. I know for the most part what a car will do in most situations when riding my bicycle. When driving my car there is no way to know what a cyclist is going to do next as they are all following their own rules.

Here are some great tips!

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly

•To the best of your ability follows the same rules of the road that you would if driving a car.

•Ride predicable. Avoid distractions while riding. Ride in a straight line. Just as you can predict what a car might do when sharing the road, ride in a manner that allows the cars to predict what you will do. I use this rule: If a car has to use their brakes to avoid something I have done on my bicycle, I have done something wrong.

•Use the proper lane. If there is a bike lane, use it. Do not ride up on the right side of a car that is turning ride at a stop sign or stoplight. Do not cross the cross the yellow centerline to get to the front of a line of cars. Avoid riding up through the center of two lines of cars especially if they are moving.

•Dooring is a big risk when sharing the road with cars. Dooring occurs when a parked car opens their door and either hitting the cyclist or causing the cyclist to run into the open door. It is almost always the driver’s fault. Stay at least an arms length away from parked cars when riding. A good rule of thumb is to ride down the center of the bicycle symbol that indicates a bike lane. If you are hit by a door call the police and file an accident report. Accident report forms now have a box to check for dooring incidents and dooring can include both sides of a car.

•Use hand symbols to indicate right and left turns. This gives more information to the drivers of cars and other cyclists.

•Ride single file when riding on the streets with others.

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly

•Make sure your bicycle is in good working order and there is enough air pressure in your tires. Tires naturally bleed air as air molecules are smaller than the rubber molecules and over a short period of time tire pressure will go down. Get together with other cyclists in your building and have a community air pump.

•Carry money or a Ventra card to get you and your bicycle home in case of a flat tire or breakdown. CTA buses all have bike racks on the front and trains allow bicycles in the cars in non-rush hour times.

•Get the best lock you can afford and use it properly. I bought a bike for a friend once and a couple days later all that was left was a front tire. She had locked the front tire to the rack and thieves took the rest of the bike.

•Wear a helmet. Have lights both on the front and back of your bicycle. (Divvy does not provide helmets)

•Do not drink too much and ride.

•Most importantly. Use common sense.

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly

All these rules and concerns might make riding in Chicago seems scary and not worth the risk but I assure you that after a few rides it all becomes second nature and whatever stress level was there will diminish. Cycling is such a great way to see the city, run errands, discover things you would miss if driving by in a car or bus, and getting close to events where parking is a nightmare. Riding to Millennium Park in the summer to see a show is easy as there is ample and secure bicycle parking onsite.

The lakefront path can take you north to Northwestern University and beyond or south the Hyde Park and now even further with the Lake Shore Drive extension. An online version the Chicago bike map can be found at A guide to the Divvy Bike Share system in online at

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Friendly

Throughout the month of May the Lakeview chamber of commerce and local businesses are offering specials, freebies and prizes to those who visit them on bicycle. Check out for more information.

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