How to Care for a Moon Valley Pilea Mollis

pollis milea

Thinking of adding a new house plant to your space? Consider the Moon Valley Pilea Mollis (also known as a “friendship plant.”) With their beautiful textured leaves, these cute tropical plants are ideal for inexperienced indoor gardeners and add an eye-catching  to any space. They’re also non-toxic, making them an excellent choice for pet parents. Here’s how to Care for a Moon Valley Pilea Mollis.

pilea mollis


Although they tolerate medium light, the Pilea Mollis prefers bright, indirect light. However, it won’t tolerate direct sunlight, so be careful not to set it in a place that gets full sun.

Watering Needs

You’ll want to keep your plant’s soil moist. Test the soil with your fingers, and water it as soon as the top layer is dry. This will probably average out to about one to two weekly waterings. Keep an eye on your plant’s leaves — if they’re drooping, it’s time for a watering.

Humidity & Temperature

Pilea plants do best in high-humidity environments and prefer warmer temperatures. Spritzing it with water weekly will increase humidity and help it thrive in your home.


When it comes to Pilea Mollis care, you won’t have to worry much about fertilizer. Monthly feedings of liquid fertilizer during the summers months will help keep yours happy and healthy.

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