Pet Sitting in Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Pet Sitting

Many of our residents have pets and we understand that your pets are basically like your children.

We worry about them, spend our time with them, and hate to be away.

But sometimes having to leave them is inevitable be it a vacation, work trip or other obligation.

I’m sure everyone has run into the panic of figuring out who will watch over your beloved cat or dog while you’re away.

We’ve put together a list of resources you can look to the next time you have to leave your furry friend behind in Chicago.

Phone a Friend

Chicago Apartments, Pet Sitting

This might seem like the obvious first choice. Your pet will be most comfortable with someone they know and if you can get a friend to come stay at your apartment or take your dog or cat for a night or two, you will most likely have a very happy animal. And most friends will refuse money or are much cheaper than a pet sitting service, however, a gift card or dinner and drinks would be a nice gesture for caring for your pet.

Ask your Dog Walker or Vet

Chicago Apartments, Pet Sitting

You may think that your dog walker or veterinarian doesn’t offer pet sitting or boarding services, but you might be surprised. If they do, your pet will have some of the same familiarity as asking a friend to pet sit in that they won’t be around total strangers. The plus of boarding your dog at the vet is that you know if something happens they will be in good hands. And if your dog walker or vet doesn’t offer pet sitting services, they may be able to offer you a recommendation which is better than picking a person or service blindly.


Chicago Apartments, Pet Sitting, Yelp

There are many great boarding facilities in Chicago and yelp is a great way to sort through what experiences people in the city have had at each one. My dog has been to Pet Care Plus (in West Loop) a few times and he loves it (they have a doggy pool). The downside to daycare/boarding is the price as well as the location. They usually aren’t centrally located in the city and thus requires you to either have a car or use a friend or car sharing service to drop off your pet or pick them up. Some facilities do offer to pick your dog up and drop them off for you but this comes at an additional cost.

Chicago Apartments, Pet Sitting,

Dogvacay is a great website for an intermediate between a friend and a boarding facility. They are people who (most likely) have pets and welcome other pets into their homes as an alternative to boarding. Your pet will probably be more relaxed because they will be in a home environment. Additionally, you can read reviews, see pictures of the homes, and choose a rate that fits with your budget. Another bonus is that you can actually sign up to be a dogvacay host and make some money of your own.

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