How to Pet-Proof Your Apartment for the Holidays

pet proof your apartment for the holidays

As much as we enjoy decorating our apartments this time of year, holiday decor poses a problem for us pet owners. Cats and dogs are notorious for wreaking havoc on apartment decor, and holiday decorations are even more tempting for fur-babies. But really, can you blame them? Let’s face it — your cat can’t tell the difference between those round, red ornaments and a new shiny toy. And your dog isn’t going to know the difference between that reindeer stuffed animals and a chew plush. Luckily, there are some ways you can pet-proof your apartment for the holidays, and we’re sharing them with you below. Follow these tips to help ensure a safe and happy holiday season for you and your animals.

pet proof apartment for holidays

Pet-Proof Your Apartment for The Holidays

Put a Barrier Around Your Tree

Christmas trees can be a big temptation for playful pets, especially curious cats who like to pounce and claw at the dangling ornaments. If your cat can’t contain their excitement, it’s best to try and create a barrier around the base of your tree to keep. Also, thirsty felines and pups may try to take sips from the tree’s water basin, which can make them sick. The easiest solution is to create a carrier around the base of your Christmas tree using either a child’s playpen or baby gate. Walmart even sells a “Christmas tree fence” that can keep your tree safe from pets. Another option is to set up your tree or other decorations in an area your pet is not allowed to be in, and use a baby gate to make sure they stay away from the room.

pet proof apartment for holidays

Pet-Proof Your Apartment for the Holidays

Place Decorations in a Safe Spot

One of the best ways to pet-proof your apartment for the holidays is to keep your decorations out of your pets’ reach. This is typically easier for dog owners, as kitties can jump up to higher places. However, this trick may still work for cat owners whose felines aren’t super agile, particularly if your kitty is a little older. This trick isn’t just for decorations, either. Keep potentially harmful food and drinks out of reach from your pets to ensure that they stay safe throughout the holiday season. For a tip on keeping your cat off the counter, check out our earlier post on the topic here.

Avoid Toxic House Plants

We’ve previously shared that some common house plants can be harmful to cats and dogs. During the holidays, you have to be a little extra careful. There are a few popular holiday house plants that are toxic to pets, including poinsettias. For a refresher on which house plants to avoid if you have pets, check out our earlier post here.

pet proof your apartment for the holidays

Pet Proof Your Apartment for the Holidays

Stick With Non-Toxic Decor

House plants aren’t the only things that can pose a threat to your pets during the holidays. Unfortunately, lots of popular holiday decorations can be potentially dangerous to pets. To keep your pets safe, stick with non-toxic holiday decor options. The ASPCA recommends that cat owners steer clear of tinsel. If ingested, tinsel can cause your kitty’s digestive tract to become obstructed. Check out this post for more information.

Keep Food Away from Pets

The holiday season is the time for cakes, cookies, and lots of other treats that are tempting for cats and dogs. Leave them unattended, and you may find yourself with a sick pet. To avoid any holiday hazards or trips to the emergency vet, be sure to keep food contained from curious cats and dogs.


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