Our Best Tips for Eliminating Pet Fur In Your Apartment

We love apartment pets, but there’s one thing we could do without— the constant excess of fur. If you’re a dog or cat owner, it may seem like a fur-free home is an impossible dream. That isn’t necessarily the case, though. We’re sharing some of our best tips for eliminating pet fur in your apartment. We can’t promise that these suggestions will leave your home completely free of any fur, but we guarantee they’ll make a big difference.

Start at the Source

Before we dish out ways for eliminating pet fur in your apartment, we suggest starting at the source. Frequently grooming your dog or cat will help decrease the amount of fur that ends up in your home by catching it before it has the chance to stick to your furniture. Incorporating a good brushing every few days will go a long way, especially if you have a long-haired cat or dog.


The Rubber Glove Trick

Every furry pet owner needs to know the “rubber glove trick.” Here’s what to do: put on a pair of slightly damp standard rubber gloves and rub your hands along any fur-covered furniture or surfaces, including sofas, chairs, and linens. As you move your hands over the surfaces, you’ll see that the gloves are collecting the fur. Rinse the gloves off when they become too furry, wipe them off, and then continue going. This is the ultimate trick for furry furniture.

For Fur-Free Carpeted Floors

Floors are often one of the first surfaces to become fur-covered. Vacuums may help, but they often don’t do the best job getting out fur that’s buried deep within the carpet. To combat pesky pet fur, take a semi-hard bristled brush to your carpeted floor. You’ll be able to drag out the deepest, most stubborn fur. After pulling the fur out of your carpet, you can vacuum up the fur balls.

For Fur-Free Hardwood Floors

If your apartment has hardwood floors, a microfiber dry mop is your best bet. Vacuum cleaners often blow fur in all directions, making the problem worse, instead of sucking it up. A microfiber dry mop will collect the fur without dispersing it into other areas of your apartment.