Panini Republic Restaurant Review

We’ve been waiting anxiously for The Panini Republic @ 500 W. Diversey (kitty corner from 2 PPM Buildings – 2756 N. Pine Grove & 434 W. Diversey) to open – as we are always  looking for a fresh lunch alternative!  Today we discovered it was worth the wait!  We walked into  a super friendly, clean, bright and welcoming restaurant.  The concept is simple – you pick your bread, your sauces, your sliced meats and your vegetables and in three minutes you have a  fresh, flavorful, custom-built  warm panini.   Everything we sampled was fantastic!  We loved the warm crusyt breads in all varieties – white, pretzel & muliti-grain.  The meats are sliced on premises and the veggies are super fresh and crunchy.  The stars, however, just may be the sauces – we adored the pesto and both the garlic and chipotle mayos.

Our Picks

Smoked Turkey w/ Chipotle Mayo and all the Veggies on Multi-Grain “You definitely  get the smoky flavor from the turkey – you can tell it’s freshly sliced – it’s awesome!”


Roasted Chicken w/ Pesto, spinach & tomatoes, on Pretzel “Loved the crunchy crispy bread juxtaposed with the tender roasted chicken – the pesto gave the sandwich perfect balance”

Roast Beef and Smoked Turkey w/ Chipotle Mayo, spinach and mozzarella on White “Wow the flavors literally exploded in my mouth – the Chipotle sauce delivered the right amount of heat – I’ll be back!”

Smoked Salmon w/ Garlic Mayo, Onions & Tomatoes on Pretzel: “This was our most pleasant surprise – the salmon was first class – a true gourmet sandwich”

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