Packing Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Chicago Apartments, Packing Tips

Moving into a new Chicago apartment doesn’t have to be an intimidating, stressful experience. Following these packing tips can help guide you through a smooth move…

Make a Moving Checklist

If you’re preparing to move into a new apartment or move out of your current apartment, creating—and following—a moving checklist can help you maintain your sanity. Pinterest has a devoted apartment moving checklist group that addresses packing tips and other vital moving issues.

Lighten Your Load

Use your move as an opportunity to clean house. As you sort items for packing, get rid of the things you no longer need.

Think Inside the Box

Stock up on boxes, which you can often acquire free from grocery stores or liquor stores (wine boxes are great for packing a number of goods, including your glassware; plus, they’re recyclable after your move). Make use of existing items, such as plastic containers and luggage.

Think Outside the Box

Be creative with what you have on hand. Oven mitts make great utensil-holders; towels, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and other soft items can be used as padding for fragile goods. Tuck items like socks into spare shoes to save space.

Separate the Essentials

Pack what you will need for the first day in your new apartment separately from items that can be unpacked gradually. Include things like personal hygiene goods, clothing, medications, food, pet supplies and other necessities.

Additional Packing Tips

Chicago Apartments, Packing Tips

For even more packing pointers, Listotic offers 33-Plus Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know, which features practical and helpful suggestions such as:
• Double up old fitted sheets on your mattresses to protect them during the move
• Place strips of masking tape in an “X” formation on any mirrors; it will not keep the mirrors from breaking, but it will help keep the glass in the frame should a mirror shatter
• Take a photo of stereo wiring, television hookups and computer cords to make reconnecting easy and fast
• Use packing tape to secure screws, nuts and bolts; you can even write what they hold together on the tape with permanent marker
• Pack similar items together, and label your boxes with the room location or contents
• Pack boxes tightly to prevent items from shuffling

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