Our Picks for Where to Watch NCAA’s March Madness

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness

March Madness is upon us!

Don’t worry, it’s not contagious!

Where can you go to watch the best of the best play?

Chicago’s neighborhoods have some perfect sports bars for you to enjoy the games.

Each one has a unique atmosphere that matches their menu and signature drinks.

AceBounce (230 N Clark St)

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness, AceBounce

Is the home of ping pong parties but also has the games playing. They have great food and cocktails. They have plenty of TVs to watch the game on. You will have a good time whether you are sitting at a dining table, at the bar, or even playing ping pong.

Benchmark (1510 N Wells St)

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness, Benchmark

Is located in Old Town and has a covered roof. This is known as one of the best daytime bars in the city of Chicago. When you are hanging out at this bar you will be comfy while having a great time. There are TVs located all around so you can always watch the game. This is the perfect place to hang with your family and friends while watching the Sweet Sixteen games.

She-nannigans (16 W Division St)

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness, She-nannigans

Is a sports bar during the day but when the sun goes down, it turns into a dancing hot spot. Stop in to catch up on the March Madness games that are going on during the day. They always have daily featured drinks, beer of the month, and liquor of the month. They have plenty of TVs that you can view the game from wherever you are.

The Fieldhouse (2455 N Clark St)

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness, Fieldhouse

Is a sports bar that has lots of TVs tuned into the games. This is a simple bar but welcoming and cozy. If you are looking for a bar that is fancy and has tons of frills, this is not the place for you. The atmosphere is very down to earth.

The Pony Inn (1638 W Belmont Ave)

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness, Pony Inn

Is a bar that has wood panels and plasma TVs where you can view the big games. They have free parking on Sunday and a full menu with lots of goodies to choose from including a 16” grilled cheese called The Clydesdale. They have a second floor lounge with a retractable roof but when it is colder, it lets natural sunlight shine though. If there is a particular game day and if you have 10 or more people you are able to make a reservation.

Point & Feather (113 W Hubbard St)

Chicago Apartments, NCAA March Madness, Point & Feather

Is known for their electronic dart boards. If you get stressed from watching the games or just want to take a break, get your group together and play a competitive game of darts. At first glance, the decor is library-esque but there is nothing quiet about this bar. Filled with antique clocks and ornate woodwork, it’s an awesome place to kick back and enjoy.

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