Our Best Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Chicago Apartments, Carpet Cleaning Tips

Plush carpeting is a touted feature of many apartments. But if you’re lucky enough to have wall-to-wall carpeting, you’re also familiar with the upkeep it requires. Carpet can get dirty pretty quickly, and deep cleaning it is a lot of work. However, if you stay on top of cleaning your carpets, you can keep them looking near-spotless, and reserve the deep cleans to just once a year. Here are our best tips for keeping your carpet clean. These little efforts will go a long way in stretching your in-between-cleaning time.

Chicago Apartments, Carpet Cleaning Tips

Remove Stains Immediately

One of the most important things you can do to keep your carpet clean is to remove stains before they have time to become permanent. That means anytime a spill occurs, you need to dilute it with water so that it doesn’t leave a mark. Do this patting and damp towel directly on the spilled spot. Don’t be afraid to use some elbow grease.

Chicago Apartments, Carpet Cleaning Tips

Go Barefoot

Tracking dirt around your apartment is easy to do with shoes on, and can cause dirt to accumulate and make your floors look messy. To keep your carpets looking fresh and clean, be sure to remove your shoes at the front of the door. It’s a good habit to get into, and once you get used to doing it, you won’t think twice. Invest in a small shoe rock for your door to keep things organized.

Chicago Apartments, Carpet Cleaning Tips

Get A Good Vacuum

When you have a carpeted apartment, vacuums become important. This isn’t the time to skimp on a purchase. While you don’t need to necessarily splurge, vacuums can vary greatly in quality and cost. Find a good one for an affordable price that will last you for years to come. Amazon has lots of options to choose from. Give your carpet a good vacuum two to three times a week for maximum benefit.

Chicago Apartments, Carpet Cleaning Tips

Use Homemade Carpet Cleaner

For touch-ups in between deep cleans, you can make a homemade carpet cleaner using baking soda and herbs. Get the instructions here. As a general rule of thumb, your carpet should be getting a deep clean annually.

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