Our Best Tips For Fighting Tough Kitchen Odors

The aroma coming from a busy kitchen is often a wonderful thing. Sweet and savory smells of home-cooked meals and yummy treats make magical home memories, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, the smells that build up and linger for days afterward aren’t nearly as enjoyable. You can combat those yucky, unwanted kitchen scents with these must-know odor-fighting hacks.

For the Trash:

The best way to combat stinky trash is to take it out as often as possible. The garbage itself isn’t always the only culprit, though. To rid your trash can of odors, pour baking soda along the bottom and lining of the can. Then spray a disinfectant to kill off leftover bacteria.

For the Fridge:

Once again, baking soda comes to the rescue here. Make your fridge smell clean again by opening a box of baking soda and placing it inside to absorb odors. Replace it every few months.

For the Microwave:

After regular use, microwaves begin to smell like old fold. To get them smelling fresh, set a bowl of water with lemon slices inside and microwave for several minutes (until it boils). Then, wipe the microwave clean. This method will allow you to clean off any caked on food, too.

For the Dishwasher:

Your dishwasher does a lot of cleaning, but it probably doesn’t get cleaned very often itself. Over time, food and debris can cause an odor to build up in your dishwasher. Use a dishwasher cleaning tablet every month or so, and be sure to properly clean food off your plates before loading them in to prevent foul smells.

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