Our A+ Rating From The BBB

Have you heard the good news? Planned Property Management has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau! Maybe you’re saying to yourself: “so what?” Well, truth is, our excitement is stemming from the fact that we once again have another reason to boast about how truly amazing our staff, apartments, buildings and overall company are.
We’ve always worked hard to make our residents and clients happy. When problems occurred, we did our best to have them taken care of in a timely fashion to guarantee the satisfaction of everyone affected.
Our staff, whether those behind the scenes at our Corporate Office, or the friendly faces who deal with clients on a daily basis, or perhaps the hard working maintenance guys at our buildings who take care of our residents, are all people we value and stand behind as being the greatest employees a company could ever ask for.
Our apartments and buildings, whether vintage, modern, walk-up, high-rise, or located in Lakeview, Lincoln Park or Gold Coast, are kept in pristine condition and maintained to near perfection. As a company we constantly improve and strive to grow daily.
Now that we have been recognized for the hard work, we are thrilled to share it with you and extend the invitation to be part of a company that will take care of you from the day you anxiously search for an apartment, until the day you have to load your belongings into a moving truck and relocate.
Thank you to everyone that made Planned Property what it is today! You’re the best!

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