Noodles and Comapany – Lakeview

We love Lakeview, and there are so many reasons why, you just can’t simply write them all down. Nonetheless one great fact that makes living in Lakeview that more amazing is of course the food and the amount of great choices right under your finger tip.
So how do you choose from all these great places you ask? Well that’s where we come in and our PPM team set out last week to find the next place you have to try!
Noodles and Company, located at Broadway St. at Clark and Diversy in the heart of Lakeview. This cool trendy place has it all and not just for the noodle lover but also the sandwich lover. With their diverse selection of bowls, sandwiches, and salads you’ll be leaving with a full and happy tummy.

Noodles and Company uses only the freshest of produce, in fact there so good that they use no freezers and no microwaves! They even have one of those new tricked out soda machines where you can create up to 122 flavors, and trust us it won’t disappoint. You’re probably now asking yourself on to the food, so let’s waste no time and dive in!
First up….

Assorted Craft Beers


Garlic Bread and Marinara

Chinese Chicken Chop Salad

Japanese Pan Noodles

Penne Rosa

BBQ Pork Mac

Pad Thai

In closing Noodles and Company truly delivers an amazing experience both with the wonderful diches and an incredible price. It’s a great spot to hit after work to grab a beer and a bowl. They are also on Grubhub and you can check them out here, and sign up for the eClub to grab some great deals and peak into some new upcoming dishes. Inclosing, Noodles and Company on Broadway Street should positively be your next stop eat in Lakeview!

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