New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions

New Year, new you – right? Odds are, probably not.
Why do we say this? Well take a look.
According to University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, only eight percent of Americans are successful in achieving their New Year’s resolution(s).
But don’t get the New Year’s blues just yet. We’re here to help you create resolutions that you can actually see through.

Get healthy

Everyone always says they want to lose weight – five pounds, 10 pounds, whatever. Why not just work to be healthier? It is practically the same thing, but it doesn’t set your standards so high. Visit a new gym (like Xsport Fitness, where PPM residents get a nice discount) or maybe just focus on your mental health. Give meditation or yoga a try at one of the area’s many centers.
Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions

Help out more

This can be as small as holding the door or doing a favor for someone. Even small gestures can go a long way. But if you really want to go above and beyond, visit Live to Support to find some great Chicago-area charities. These organizations are always looking for help and will usually accommodate your schedule.
Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions

Spend more time with family

Whoever said that you needed to spend money to this? To make this goal more attainable, don’t put a price tag on it. Instead of an expensive vacation for four, try taking a walk or bike ride together. There are always free events in the area, like family events at the Art Institute, a variety of festivals, and the summertime favorite Air and Water show.
Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions

See something new

And if you have some extra cash, there’s plenty to do in Chicago. Check out the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium for a day of family fun.
Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions, Shedd Aquarium

Enjoy life to the fullest

This may seem easy (or even a little cliche), but most people aren’t taking full advantage of all that life has to offer. There are always new things to see and experience in Chicago. So get out there, try new things and make sure to go outside your comfort zone. What do you have to lose?
Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions

Learn something

You’re never too old to learn! And this doesn’t have to be a traditional education class – you can take a pottery class, a self-defense class, etc. But there are plenty of good schools and colleges in the area offering traditional classes if that’s your thing. Just make sure to learn something that you have always wanted to.
Chicago Apartments, New Year's Resolutions
Have a great New Year!

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