New Books to Read This Winter

Chicago Apartments, Winter Books

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “big reader” it’s hard to deny the perfection of curling up with a book in the wintertime. We’ve rounded up some of the best new releases in 2014 to give you the perfect book list to get you through Chicago’s winter this year.

Cutting Teeth

Author: Julia Fierro

About: A group of friends meet at a beach house for two days and come to the realization that their lives may not be turning out how they had pictured.

The Matchmaker

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

About: A woman who has successfully set up 42 couples can’t seem to find one for her daughter. She also can’t seem to find one for herself.
Chicago Apartments, Winter Books

Summer House with Swimming Pool

Author: Hermann Koch

About: A doctor to the stars performs a botched medical procedure resulting in the death of a famous actor. The actor and doctors families know one another, which thickens the plot.

The Paying Guests

Author: Sarah Waters

About: A wealthy British family after World War I has lost much of their wealth and must take in boarder to make money. They find that they can actually learn a lot from the middle-class tenants.

Chicago Apartments, Winter Books

The Vacationers

Author: Emma Straub

About: A wealthy New York family heads to Spain for two weeks but can’t seem to leave behind the baggage of their city life. There’s an anniversary, job loss, virginity, college, debt, secrets, and the makings of a very entertaining story.

The Children Act

Author: Ian McEwan

About: A devout religious family denies their son medical treatment because of their beliefs. A judge intervenes but is surprised to find herself conflicted over the issue.
Chicago Apartments, Winter Books

Ugly Girls

Author: Lindsay Hunter

About: Two young female best friends get themselves into a lot of trouble when they decide to meet up with someone they met online.

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