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Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Olive Mediterranean Grill

The theme of week around PPM is health. Even though we have snow outside, summer is right around the corner. Anyone living in Chicago knows summer means being outdoors, at the lake, and if you are a lucky PPM Gold Coast resident, enjoying time by the pool! So, now is the perfect time to think about being healthy, resuming any broken New Year’s resolutions to get fit, and of course, eating right!
Our Neighborhood Restaurant Review Team has been eating a lot of pizza and burgers lately, and decided to stick with PPM’s “health” theme for the week and try out a healthier lunch option. One place we knew we had to check out was Olive Mediterranean Grill. Olive has two Chicago locations in Lincoln Park (at North Ave & Sheffield) and in the Loop  (at Clark and Lake).
We stopped by the Lincoln Park location to check out different options Olive has available and they literally put out a spread for us to sample.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Olive Mediterranean Grill
Walking inside, you’re greeted by the friendly staff and the intoxicating smell of exotic spices and meats cooking on skewers. Our mouths were already watering before we even sat down to try the food.
We started out with some amazing appetizers: hummus and baba ghanoj with fresh, warm pita bread. The hummus was rich and creamy with the delicious taste of ground garbanzo beans, tahini, tartness from a little lemon juice and delicious notes from spices, all topped with a delicious drizzle of olive oil and peppery paprika. This delicious appetizer is a healthy way to start a delicious meal.
The baba ghanoj was outstanding — roasted eggplant blended with olive oil and spices and mixed to perfection. A much different taste than the hummus, it was still a knockout with the freshly-made pita bread.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Olive Mediterranean Grill
Next up we went for the meat! Olive offers chicken, turkey, and steak shawarma, Mediterranean chicken [it’s spicy!] and chicken kebabs. All are slow-cooked or grilled to perfection with a rich blend of spices. Each has a distinct flavor and are outstanding. Many of our team LOVED the spicy Mediterranean chicken and others liked the steak — but all agreed for the price, you can’t beat what you get at Olive… and it’s HEALTHY!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Olive Mediterranean Grill
Olive offers their OMG plates which give you the option to have their hummus, baba ghanoj, or Persian yogurt along with your choice of either bastami rice, couscous, tabbouli, chickpea salad, or garbanzo bean salad , served with your choice of meat.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Olive Mediterranean Grill
If you’re not feeling like a plate, you can get sandwiches that combine all of these amazing flavors — most come with garlic spread, pickles, roma tomatoes, red onions and hummus.
All of these delicious and flavorful options are high in protein, have the right kinds of “good” fats, and are a great alternative to fast food. You’ll leave feeling satisfied and for the price you can’t beat it! Olive also offers catering services for parties and corporate events.
Olive is delicious healthy option and with all the buzz about a Mediterranean diet, Olive is the perfect place to get started on getting healthy and in shape for summer!
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