Neighborhood Restaurant Review: Gyro Mena

Our Neighborhood Restaurant Review Team had a craving for some gyros late one afternoon last week and decided to check out Gyro Mena, right down the street from our Lakeview Leasing Office on Belmont. What’s better than a mixture of ground lamb and beef roasted to perfection a spit, topped with tang tzatziki sauce, fresh tomatoes and onions all wrapped up in a warm pita blanket?
Gyro Mena (prounounced, Yeer-oh • mena) means “my gyro” in Greek. Although originating from Greece, gyros as we know them were actually first introduced to the United States back in 1965 by Parkview Restaurant in Chicago. With some tough competition on having the “best” gyro in Chicago, we decided to see how Gyro Mena would contend.
Gyro Mena is to gyros what Chiptole is to burritos. While it’s tough to mess with a classic, Gyro Mena lives up to its name and lets you create the gyro you want.

As with any great gyro, you’ve got to start with the meat, and at Gyro Mena, you can choose between American style (beef and lamb), the authentic Athenian style (pork or chicken), and they even have a vegetarian option, a combo of hummus and falafel. You can make any gyro Greek style by adding fries at no charge.

Next up, you pick your style. You can get the classic pita (multi-grain are available) or you can choose between getting it in a wrap or as a salad.

Then, you can pick your toppings. This is where it gets crazy. Over 15 toppings are available from the traditional onions and tomatoes, to more non-traditional toppings like bacon and blue cheese. You can literally pick anything and everything you want, and portions of both the meat and toppings are more than generous.

Lastly, you get to sauce it up with a selection of over eight homemmade sauces including tzatziki, hummus, yogurt, and more.

For right about $7, you can get an incredible custom-made gyro.

Gyro Mena also has a great selection of appetizers including the gyro roll… think an egg roll meets a gyro and they make a love child. Absolutely out of this world. They also have entree meals and desserts.
We got the Greek fries as our side — french fries perfectly crisp and doused with delicious Greek dressing. [You may want to make sure you have some Altoids or gum handy if you plan on getting fresh with someone anytime after you have these!]
The atmosphere and vibe of Gyro Mena is fun and eclectic  Where else  in Chicago can you watch a belly dancer on TV while you eat a gyro that was made to your custom taste and liking?

Below, you can see Dan showed off his belly dancing skills and was handsomely rewarded with a free frappe — which was other-worldly it was soooo good.

The manager and staff of Gyro Mena were more than welcoming and went out of their way to serve us and tell us about the history of the beloved gyro. They also own the adjacent Philly’s Best!
So, the next time you’re in Lakeview or riding the El past Belmont, make a stop at Gyro Mena — we highly recommend it.

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