Neighborhood Restaurant Review – Crisp in Lakeview

Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Crisp

Crisp has a cult-like following and has become a neighborhood institution in Lakeview. Our Neighborhood Restaurant Reviewers, who are always in search of the best wings in Chicago, made haste to try out what’s been voted some of the best in Chicago.
Crisp is a Koran fusion restaurant known for its fried chicken and Buddha Bowls. You’re probably as intrigued as we were. Most days during lunch and dinner the place is packed and hipster bikers are oftentimes outside getting ready to deliver Crisp goodness to the lucky customers that live within their delivery zone.
We went in the late afternoon to beat the lunch rush and as first-timers, asked their recommendations for what we should try. The staff was very friendly and helpful and helped steer us in the right direction.
To start, we tried their Jumbo Wings. These are not your 50 cent wings night at some random bar versions of chicken wings. These things are the real deal. Crisp uses the Korean tong dak method of marinating, seasoning and frying the chicken whole. The wings are then hacked off and served up with your choice of sauce. We chose their Crisp BBQ and Seoul Sassy. Both were intoxicating and bursting with flavor. Meaty, crispy, delicious, flavorful… we really ran out of adjectives to describe how much we loved them. We may have officially been ruined for any other wings in Chicago.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Crisp
Dan ordered up Chitown Chicken Wrap. Filled with all-white white meat chicken breast, steamed white rice, lettuce, tomato, corn, white and green onions, and seasoned carrots, this was sort of like Chipotle meeting Korean chicken. It was fresh, delicious, and filling. Dan slathered his wrap with some of the Buddha sauce and was in Zen Heaven.

Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Crisp
Jasko wanted to see what a Korean spin on a burger would be like, so he ordered their Not So Common Crisp sandwich. In actuality, it’s not a burger, but it’s a deep fried chicken breast filet glazed in the sauce of your choice, topped with lettuce, tomato, American cheese and mayonnaise, and served on a split-top roll. He went with the Korean BBQ and was pleasantly surprised with how amazing it was.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Crisp
Timmy and Jeff ordered the Chitown Chicken Bowls. These monstrous bowls would be enough for two people or for two meals, and are filled with all white meat chicken breast, diced and marinated in Seoul Sass sauce, served over steamed white rice with green onions and a side of Alison’s Atomic Sauce. They are simple but absolutely fantastic. And, like we said, more than enough food for two people or to take home for leftovers.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Crisp
In addition to bowls and chicken, Crisp has a great selections of sides and beverages.
For under $40 our group of 4 left Crisp happy and full, and determined to come back again for more of their awesome wings and bowls.
Crisp, 2940 N. Broadway (at Wellington)
Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Crisp

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