Navy Pier’s New Ferris Wheel

Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier, Ferris Wheel

When people consider Chicago, they tend to think tall buildings, big city, and lots of restaurants. All of which are very true, but that’s just a taste of what this amazing city has to offer. Now when you think of Chicago summers, your head zeros in on the lake front and pool parties!

At PPM we also like to think of our amazing pool parties at 1111 N. Dearborn, 1133 N. Dearborn, 1120 N. LaSalle, and our newly added 750 N. Rush. We have to say, they are in fact the best pool parties in the Gold Coast and River North! That being said, during the summer months we also consider one main unique attraction. You guessed it, Navy Pier! Navy Pier is such a distinctive place in Chicago, one that brings in some of the best city views as well as many fun things to do, all while being situated on the lake.

Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier

This year is no exception, Navy Pier is and has been going under a huge re-envisioning and we couldn’t be more excited. This summer marks one of the coolest additions yet to come, which is the brand new Ferris Wheel. This However, is, no ordinary Ferris wheel, this is one unique wheel that you will only be able to find here in Chicago. So we thought it be fun to look at FIVE of the coolest parts of this new upcoming attraction at Navy Pier for summer 2016.

It’s Size

Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier, Ferris Wheel

This thing is going to be GIGANTIC! It will stand at 196 feet, taller than the old one and will make it the 5th tallest wheel in the US!

The Gondolas

Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier, Ferris Wheel

There will be a total of 42 gondolas with a capacity for each car to hold up to TEN people. This will add four more people than the original.

Fun Fact

Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier, Ferris Wheel

The wheel is the same model as the Hong Kong Observation Wheel. This specific design will be able to withstand 115 mph winds. It was built for Chicago!

The Ride

Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier, Ferris Wheel

It will now have a much longer ride time than the previous version, 12 minutes total. You will also be treated to three times around, with intervals for stopping creating the best photo ops yet.


Chicago Apartments, Navy Pier, Ferris Wheel

One of the coolest things is the tech in these babies. Video screens in each car will have interesting facts on an interactive screen for more entertainment during your ride.

It’s a no-brainer that this new Ferris Wheel is going to be epic and an even more of a no-brainer that it’s a must see this summer.  No matter if you’re a visitor or Planned Property local, it will be a first for everyone come summer 2016.

Finally if you’re in the mood for even more Chicago fun, make sure to check out our latest blog on Free Day’s at the Field Museum, happening all year long.

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