Navigating Chicago’s Neighborhoods

When choosing a place to live it’s important to consider the surrounding area.
Chicago’s neighborhoods all have something different to offer. Luckily, PPM has buildings in three of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.
All PPM buildings are also within close proximity to public transportation, which is important because although you’ll be living in one of the best neighborhoods, one of the most exciting things about living in a city is exploring how different all the other areas are.

Lakeview is the second largest neighborhood in the City of Chicago. Over the years Lakeview has steadily developed to include diverse retail and entertainment options as well as phenomenal restaurants and nightlife.

Lakeview is also home to good schools and a low crime rate – which only helps its great reputation. A large part of the population in Lakeview is made up of students and young professionals, making the neighborhood feel lively and up-and-coming. And although Lakeview is extremely accessible from all areas of Chicago, it also boasts a (usually) cheaper rent than some of the neighborhoods closer to the city.

Basically, Lakeview is the happy medium between city living and still having enough money to enjoy what an awesome neighborhood it really is.
Lincoln Park

One thing is for sure, this North Side neighborhood will never leave you bored. Between the zoo, the lakeshore trail, the parks, shops, restaurants, and being close to downtown Chicago, you will never stop exploring.

Lincoln Park stretches four miles and seems to be a hub for active people. Wherever you look people are running, cycling, or walking their dogs. Maybe one of the best things to do in Lincoln Park is the year-round Farmers Market as previously reviewed on our Blog.

There are also countless festivals, shows and events that take place in the neighborhood on any given week.
Gold Coast

The great thing about living in the Gold Coast is that you are within walking distance of almost everything you could want. Those out of town guests who want to shop Michigan Avenue?

You can walk there. Hubbard Street for a night on the town? You can walk there. Countless grocery stores, restaurants, and bars? You can walk to all of them.

The Gold Coast is seen as somewhat of a prestigious neighborhood and the residents range from young professionals, to families, to established individuals. Some of my friends have even had some celebrity sightings while shopping on Oak Street. Downtown Chicago is basically in the backyard of the Gold Coast and public transportation becomes more of an option rather than a requirement.

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