Moving Tips

Summer is moving season in Chicago and we know how big of a pain that can be – so we’ve put together these tips to help make your move into a PPM apartment easier and less stressful!

-Start Early:
chances are you have a lot more stuff than you think you do and if you underestimate the amount of things you have, you’ve probably underestimated the amount of time it will take you to pack. Get a head start!
-Pack a Suitcase: pack a suitcase as though you’re going somewhere for a long weekend. Pack outfits, pajamas, toiletries, the essentials. You’ll have everything you need for your first few days in your new place without having to search through boxes.
-Take Pictures: Use your cell phone camera to take pictures of complicated wiring or set up of electronics that will make unpacking and re-setting everything just that much easier. The same can be done for walls or decorations.

-Post Office: Notify all your billing companies and the post office of your move at least 30 days prior to avoid missing something important or GASP – going without internet or cable for a few days because you didn’t call soon enough.

-Don’t Pay for Packing Supplies:
If you plan ahead you can easily get all the boxes you need by hitting up nearby appliance and department stores. Some of them will not only gladly give you boxes, but packing paper and bubble wrap as well. You’d be surprised how much those thing can cost if you choose to buy!

-Purge: It’s easy to just throw things in boxes but just think – whatever you put into the box, has to be unpacked. Do you really need those sweaters you haven’t worn in two years? The 12 cookbooks whose spines haven’t even been cracked? Just think before you pack and de-clutter if you can!
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