Moving Series: Should You Move Yourself or Hire Movers?

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

Summer is finally here and many of you are itching to move into your new PPM apartment.  This can be both an exciting time but also a stressful time, as moving is never the easiest thing nor the most fun.  However in the end, when you are finally situated in your new PPM apartment your ready to take on anything.

So the big question then arises, should you move yourself or hire movers?  This is a tough question, and it’s not always an easy answer.  So we went ahead and put a few things together for you to consider in making this important decision.

Whichever you may choose, we wish you a happy move and can’t wait to see you at one of our many PPM summer events this year!

What Can You Afford?

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

Figure out the cost of a rental truck for the distance you’re going and the amount of time you need to load and unload. Then get a couple estimates from professional movers. This may answer the question for you. If you can’t afford professional movers, you’ll have to do it yourself.

What Items Will Be Hard to Move?

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

Assess the challenges in your move. Some things are just very heavy, like a piano or an old wood curio cabinet. Others may be awkward to carry, pack, or maneuver into an apartment. Do some experiments with these items and see if you feel comfortable moving them yourself or if you think you might need professional assistance.

How Far Are You Going?

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

If you’re just moving in town, it’ll be easier for you to assemble people to help you move. You can use a smaller truck and make multiple trips. If you are looking at a larger-distance move, you may have trouble recruiting people to help with the trip. If you can’t get people to help both load and unload, you may be best off hiring professionals.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

If you can devote yourself full-time to the process of moving, you may be able to do it yourself, but if you have work or other obligations that will keep you busy right up to the time of the move and that start up right away when you get to your destination, you may want to hire someone to do the move for you.

Are You Comfortable Driving the Truck?

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

Depending on the size of your move, the moving truck may be anything from a small van to a semi-trailer. If you’re not comfortable driving the van, including backing and maneuvering it at your destination, then you should hire professionals to do the move for you.

Whether you hire movers or do it yourself, you will be delighted once you’ve moved into your new Chicago apartment. For help finding the right apartment for you, please contact Planned Property Management or call 773-435-9177 to schedule an appointment.

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