Moving Series: How to Find the Right Size Truck

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If you are renting a truck for moving, you want to get the right size truck for your move.
Getting a truck that’s too large can mean additional cost and may put your items at risk from moving around in the excess space.
Getting a truck that’s too small will mean that not everything can fit, which will mean extra trips if you’re moving across Chicago, but may be a major problem if you’re moving cross country.

Truck Calculators

In the past, you just had to estimate the size of the truck based just on the size of your apartment.
The good news is that these days several rental companies offer truck calculators that can take the guesswork out of getting your truck. You just tally up the items in your home, put them in the calculator, and it will tell you how large a truck you need. A couple of good examples are Penske and 123 Moving.
Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

Other Factors to Consider

These truck calculators will tell you just what size truck you need to fit all your items in a single trip. But that doesn’t necessarily tell you what’s the right size truck for you move. There are a number of other factors to consider.
If you’re moving across Chicago, you might think you can save money by renting a smaller truck and making multiple trips, but in the end a smaller truck is likely to cost you more. Getting a larger truck typically doesn’t increase the price very much, and the cost of making multiple trips in fuel and mileage costs will more than eat up the difference.
Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips
On the other hand, the smaller truck might be better for other reasons. A lot of Chicagoans don’t own cars because of the convenience of urban living and the expense and inconvenience of a car. This means that driving may not be second nature to you, and especially when you’re considering driving a large truck, you may not be wholly comfortable. A smaller truck may be a bit more manageable for you.
Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips
You also need to consider the building you’re moving to. Is there a good place to park a large truck? Will you be able to maneuver it into that spot? What if someone else is moving the same day? This might also be an argument for a smaller truck in some situations.
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