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Chicago Apartments, Money Saving Tips, Going Green

Every Tuesday on the PPM blog we are going to bring you a few quick tips and tricks to help you lead a greener lifestyle. Most importantly – we want to bring you ideas that are cost effective as well as apartment-friendly.
For our first installment, we tackle laundry. Everyone should be able to relate to this blog post… we would hope. Here are a few tips to try the next time you find yourself doing laundry (some of them might even save you $$$):
1. Use cold water rather than hot or warm. It takes more energy to heat up the water.
2. Only wash full loads. Which yes, can be hard when you live alone, but when you factor in the money you save by only washing full loads, the environmental benefits are just a bonus.
3. Use natural detergent. Most are plant based and formulated to perform well in cold water (see #1!)
4. Reconsider use of fabric softener and dryer sheets.
Chicago Apartments, Money Saving Tips, Going Green
The chemicals found in these products are not only harmful to the environment but also to human health. And, they can be expensive! If you, like me, find yourself missing the effects that dryer sheets or fabric softener has on your clothes there is an environmentally friendly alternative: add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your next wash. Your clothes don’t come out smelling like vinegar and your clothes will come out much softer and less toxic in the end!
We hope that these simple tips can make your next laundry day just a little more green.

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