Modern Apartment Decor On A Budget

Chicago Apartments, Modern Decor on a Budget

Modern apartment decor has a reputation for being pricey. And while there are many upscale products available for purchase, the truth is, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a sophisticated and stylish look in your studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartment. To help out, we’ve narrowed down a few basic guidelines that you can follow in order to cultivate a modern aesthetic in your home. These tips will work for both studio-sized homes and larger abodes. You won’t have to spend a lot if you stick to these basic tips, so they’re a good starting point to build from.

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Decor

Stay Neutral

First, we suggest opting for a neutral color palette. While bold colors can be modern, it’s usually easier to achieve a cohesive look if you stick with neutral colors. This rule can also help you out if you’re tight on space and committed to sticking with a small budget, as neutral home items tend to be more abundant than bright or bold-colored options. Using neutral tones in an apartment can help create the illusion of more space, which is especially beneficial for studio or one-bedroom apartment dwellers. In general, neutral tones also give off a more “upscale” vibe — think luxury hotel rooms that stick to beige, tan and white hues. 

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Decor

White Linens

Another tip you can take from modern luxury hotels is the omnipresence of bright, white home accessories, from bed linens to bath towels. There’s a reason pretty much all hotels stick to white. According to Travel + Leisure, The Westin was the first hotel to introduce this trend, which is now a permanent fixture in most hotels. The reason is that white bed linens created a “halo effect,” which impressed guests. White bedsheets, as well as towels, feel modern and fresh. There is a downside to white linens, though, which is that they’re more likely to stain. It’s a fair tradeoff if you ask us since you can easily wash your sheets and towels at the same time. Tip: Pour a half cup of vinegar into the wash to brighten up dull-white bedsheets and towels.

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Decor

Embrace Textures

Embracing textures is another general way you can achieve a modern look in your apartment. If you’re sticking with mostly neutral tones, textures will make your space more dynamic. You can add textures in all types of ways, from a textured rug to simply layering blankets on top of one another. Get creative with it!

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Decor

Light Window Treatments

Modern apartment decor is all about airiness. Instead of a moody, cozy or vintage vibe, you’ll want your space to have a “lighter” feel. This can be achieved even in the tiniest studio by letting as much natural light into the apartment as possible. To do this, stick with light window treatments that allow for sunlight to peek through. This is not the time for blackout curtains. Opt for white to allow the maximum amount of light to seep through into your space. Better yet, if you have blinds, skip the curtains alltogether, and keep the blinds open during the day.

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Decor

Metallic Accents

When you think of modern apartment decor, metallic accents probably come to mind. They can always be found in some of the most popular home goods stores, like West Elm or Crate and Barrel. However, metallic accents are also easy to come by in more budget-friendly shops, like Target or Ikea. You can also find options in many thrift stores, from mini sculptures to candle holders. Some furniture items will even include metallic details, like brass-colored couch legs. Wherever you find them, metallic accents bring an upscale, modern vibe to your home with little effort. That’s why they never go out of style.


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