Tips For Mastering Minimalist Style In Your Apartment

It’s safe to say that minimalism is here to stay. The minimalist movement can be seen everywhere from fashion to food to product branding. When it comes to minimalist interior design, the “trend” has serious staying power due to its accessibility and low upkeep requirements, as well as its universal appeal. It’s also fairly simple to implement in your own home, and it’s a perfect style for small-space living. Here are some tips on how to master the minimalist look in your apartment.

Defining Minimalist Style

Minimalist décor encourages you to embrace the “less is more” way of thinking. Minimalism is all about editing out what’s unnecessary and following the concept of quality over quantity. An emphasis is put on statement objects that truly stand out, and many components of a minimalist room may be multipurpose.


Embrace Functionality

When you have less stuff, each item serves a function, even if it’s simply decorative. Ask yourself, “do I really need this?” If you’re unsure of the answer, that probably means no. If you’re serious about the minimalist look, toss it.

Stay Neutral

Neutral tones are frequently used as the base for minimalist apartment décor. Choosing airy shades of white, grey, and tan for the main components of your décor creates a clean canvas to build off of. You can then can incorporate some bolder colored focal-points, such as a statement vase, throw pillow, or rug. Remember, less is more, so a little of drama will go a long way in a minimalist-styled room.

Choose Modern Elements

Minimalist style often coincides well with modern décor. Choosing modern pieces with clean lines and bold prints will help accentuate the minimalist look of your apartment. Modern pieces also provide some character to neutral-toned minimalist rooms that could benefit from a little extra flair. Try picking out a modern-style statement piece, such as a geometric coffee table, to add a unique element to your living room.


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