These Meal Prep Hacks Will Come in Handy This Spring

meal prep hacks

Want to free up your schedule this spring? We recommend meal prepping your lunches, dinners, or both! Whether you’re new to meal prepping or a seasoned pro, these meal prep hacks will help you level up your meal prep game.

meal prep hacks

Designate a “Meal Prep” Day

First, designate one day of the week for meal prep. You can build it into your schedule, so you won’t have any excuses. We like meal-prepping on Sundays, but you can choose whatever day of the week works best for you.

meal prep hacks

Incorporate Variety

One possible negative to meal prepping is a lack of variety: People tend to prepare the same meals over and over again, and that gets old fast. So, we recommend cooking foods you can use in several different ways. Instead of making just one meal and splitting it into containers, cook ingredients you can use in multiple meals throughout the week. This way, you won’t have to eat the same thing everyday.

leftovers in storage containers

Choose Containers Wisely

Next on our roundup of meal prep hacks: Purchase storage containers for your meals. Take it a step further and purchase containers with separate sections to avoid mixing foods. Not only will your food keep longer — it’ll look better, too.

meal prep hacks

Freeze Some Meals for Lazy Nights

Most of the time you’ll probably be making just enough food for the upcoming week. But it’s also good to have some frozen food on hand for lazier nights. Prep a few options and freeze them for days or evenings you don’t feel like cooking.

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