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Chicago Apartments, Meal Prep Tips

Meal prepping has so many benefits. It can cut down on food costs, free up your time, and help you stick to a healthier diet, to name a few. Whether you’re new to meal prepping or a seasoned pro, these meal prep hacks will help you up your meal-prep-game. Check out the meal prep hacks we love below.

Chicago Apartments, Meal Prep Tips

Pick A Day And Stick To It

Designate one day of the week for meal prep, and stick to it. That way, you can build it into your schedule and you won’t have any excuses. We like meal-prepping on Sundays, but choose whatever day of the week works best for you.


Chicago Apartments, Meal Prep Tips

Add Variety

One of the biggest complaints we hear about meal prep is that it lacks variety. People tend to prepare the same meals over and over again, and that gets old fast. As a result, people give up meal prepping altogether. To solve this issue, we recommend cooking foods you can use in several different ways. Instead of making just one meal and splitting it into containers, cook ingredients that can be used in a few different meals throughout the week. This will save you from eating the same thing every day.


Chicago Apartments, Meal Prep Tips

Choose Containers Wisely

Hopelessly searching for the matching lid to your ancient Tupperware container is a pastime none of us remember fondly. For optimal meal prep, we recommend purchasing some nice matching containers for your food. Take it a step further and purchase containers that have separated to avoid mixing foods together. Not only will your food keep longer; it’ll look better, too.


Chicago Apartments, Meal Prep Tips

Freeze Some Foods

Most of the time you’ll just be making enough for the upcoming week. But sometimes, it’s good to have frozen food on hand for when life happens. Prep a few options and freeze them for days when cooking is not a possibility.

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