Meal Delivery Services

Chicago Apartments, Meal Delivery Services, Green Gourmet

Living in a city has many advantages, but sometimes takeout food and delivery are a little too convenient (for our wallets and our waistlines).
We’ve researched some meal delivery services that deliver in PPM neighborhoods so that next time you’re dreading cooking after a long day of work, or when you’re sick of pizza/thai/Chinese (okay, maybe you’ll never be sick of them but when you need something healthier than your go-to delivery options), you will have choices!
These services are a great option for those of us who seem to mess up even the easiest of recipes and many of these options are MUCH healthier than the usual backup plan of takeout food.
Also, stay tuned for our blog on Grocery Delivery services as well – for those of you that do love to cook but dread grocery shopping.

Meez Meals

Chicago Apartments, Meal Delivery Services, Meez Meals
Meez is awesome because they deliver a refrigerated box to your door once a week full of pre-cut pre-prepped ingredients and recipes. You choose which meals you like on their ever-changing menu the week before and you get the satisfaction of cooking it yourself – without all the dirty work. No chopping or washing veggies, or measuring out ingredients – it’s all done for you and you just have to put it all together. Meez provides dinners only and all options are only vegetarian, although most recipes offer suggestions if you’d like to add your own meat. I’ve tried Meez first hand and loved the unique recipes, they were easy to follow, delicious and portions are huge. Meez Meals

The Green Gourmet

Chicago Apartments, Meal Delivery Services, Green Gourmet
The green gourmet delivers daily – for extra freshness. Also, you can have all your meals planned by them – breakfast, lunch and dinner (as well as snacks!!) The Green Gourmet works with nutritionists and trainers to specialize each meal plan to the individual and also takes into account your likes, dislikes and allergies. Talk about personalized! All meals just need to be heated. The Green Gourmet Chicago

Relished Foods & Delivery

Chicago Apartments, Meal Delivery Services, Relished Foods & Delivery
Relished is similar to Meez in that you do all the cooking yourself but all ingredients are prepped and delivered with detailed recipe cards to guide you through the process. The difference with relished is that there are meat options as well as vegetarian. Relished Foods

Johnny Casserole

Chicago Apartments, Meal Delivery Services, Johnny Casserole
This place not only offers delivery, but you can also pick up a casserole on your way home from work if you wanted. Pre-order for a big game day, or a brunch casserole for when you have friends in town, the possibilities are endless. Each casserole serves 6-8 and can last you for a week of dinners if you want it to! The menu is drool-worthy and includes casseroles like: for your thighs only (a mac and cheese casserole that sounds like heaven), tuna noodle, chicken pot pie, jambalaya, the list goes on. After writing this blog you better believe I will be ordering a Johnny Casserole ASAP. Johnny Casserole

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