Luxurious Living With A Side Of Marvelous Customer Service

Remember our blog post from last week when we began raving about the amazing employees Planned Property Management has? Well, meet our newest “wall-of-famer,” a very special Customer Service Manager whom the tenants absolutely adore. Liliana Toma began working for PPM in February of 2004 as a leasing consultant and it did not take long for us to realize that a person as hardworking as her would make an amazing manager. Sure enough, four months later, Liliana became the new Customer Service Manager at 1120 North LaSalle.
We should probably mention, Liliana isn’t just a pretty face, but she is also responsive to our residents’ needs and concerns, and she is always helpful and goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone at 1120 North LaSalle is happy and taken care of. But please, don’t just take our word for it, read this amazing letter addressed to our Gold Coast Manager Dan, and see what our tenants are saying about Liliana.

Good morning. My name is Eddie and I live at the 1120 N. La Salle Bldg. I have lived in that Bldg for almost 6 years now and Liliana Toma has been the Mgr for most of that time. I simply wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know what an incredibly valuable asset she is to PPM family. Liliana is thorough, efficient, and most importantly she cares about the tenants in her Bldg.
I cannot begin to tell you how many times she has been so incredibly helpful to me. I am in the business of constantly working with people and provide certain amounts of customer service. I can tell you Liliana is a role model for excellent customer service. Liliana goes above and beyond her call of duty at the 1120 Bldg and is a key the satisfied tenants.
I felt compelled to write this e-mail to you to let you know you have an excellent staff at the 1120 Bldg and I attribute all the professionals at the 1120 Bldg to be directly correlated with Liliana professionalism and all around reliability.

We’ve always advertised the enticing amenities 1120 North LaSalle has to offer – roof top pool, two story sun deck, workout facility, business center with free WiFi and the amazing 24-hour maintenance team – but perhaps, the best asset to this property, is Liliana and her dedication to her tenants and every client that walks through the front door looking for a place they can call home.
If you are looking for both a superb apartment and amazing customer service, search no further than 1120 North LaSalle. Our office is open daily and rest assured Liliana will be there to greet you with a warm smile and outstanding service.
Thank you for your hard work Liliana and thank you to all of our wonderful employees, who we can’t wait to mention in our future “Wall Of Fame” posts.

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