Marie Kondo’s KonMari Action Plan For Decluttering Your Apartment

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We hope you’ve been enjoying this week of KonMari inspired posts as much as we have. This is the last day we’ll be focusing on decluttering (for now), so we want to set you up with some final advice and a game plan for defeating your apartment’s clutter. Today, we’re sharing Marie Kondo’s basic procedure for decluttering a home. Use this as a guide, and you’ll be able to successfully organize your home in preparation for the year ahead.

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Tidy All At Once

According to Marie Kondo, tidying your whole apartment at once is the most effective method. You may be tempted to go room by room, but that leaves too much opportunity for things to get messy again while you move on to other areas. Instead, plan to clean and organize all at one time. This may take a few days, a week, or even a month, but the idea is to be consistent and cohesive with your cleaning action plan.

 Chicago Apartments, KonMari, Cleaning Tips

Visualize the Destination

 To assist with the decluttering process, Marie recommends visualizing your space the way you want it to ultimately look. If you have a clear idea of the way you want your home to look and feel, the whole process will come easier to you, and you’ll be inspired to keep going along the way.

Chicago Apartments, KonMari, Cleaning Tips

Determine What “Sparks Joy”

The idea of “sparking joy” is the real inspiration behind the entire KonMari method. As we’ve mentioned before, Marie believes every item you own should “spark joy” in your life, and that the way in which you organize your home should do the same. While decluttering, ask yourself if each item brings joy to your life. If not, you’ll know it’s time to part ways. Thank the item for how it’s served you, then place it in your donation box.

 Chicago Apartments, KonMari, Cleaning Tips

Tidy By Category

You may feel tempted to tidy based on location or room, but Marie recommends something else. She says to tidy by category instead of by location. For example, plan to declutter all of your clothing at once, instead of handling your bedroom closet separately from your stored seasonal items. This will help you stay organized and on track, and will help to avoid confusion as well.

 Chicago Apartments, KonMari, Cleaning Tips

Tidy in Order

Marie recommends following her suggestion of categories in order when cleaning up your home. Refer to our earlier post about the best order to go about tidying your apartment. Follow these categories in order, and you’ll be set to start your journey of decluttering and creating joy in your home.


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