Low-Maintenance Houseplants for Beginner Indoor Gardeners

Chicago Apartments, Beginner Houseplants, Peace Lily

If you’re just getting started with indoor gardening, or if you don’t have much time to commit to your plants, it’s best to choose from one of the many low-maintenance houseplants that are readily available. Here are some of your best options:


Chicago Apartments, Beginner Houseplants, Peace Lily

Peace Lily


Peace lilies are perennial plants native to tropical regions in Central America. They’re famous for their large, white blooms, which resemble white flags. They prefer indirect window light to direct sun, and their soil should be kept well-drained and moist. Peace lilies come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that works well in any room of your apartment. Typically, Peace lilies require water about once a week, but you’ll know it’s thirsty if it starts to droop. They’re also relatively easy to revive, making them a great choice for someone who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of indoor gardening yet.


Chicago Apartments, Beginner Houseplants, Spider Plant

Spider Plant


Spider plants have a reputation for being one of the easiest houseplants to grow and maintain. They’re extremely adaptable to different climates, but they do the best in humid environments, so a humidifier may come in handy. They thrive in moderate shade or indirect light, so they’ll do fine in a room that doesn’t get too much natural light. Use purified or distilled water when caring for your spider plant, as they can be sensitive to tap water. Soil should be kept moist, and dead leaves can be trimmed off with scissors.


Chicago Apartments, Beginner Houseplants, Jade



Jade plants are considered to be lucky, and you don’t need much luck to successfully care for one. They require little water, although it’s important to not let them dry out completely. Touch the soil with your finger to determine if your Jade plant is thirsty. Soil should be kept somewhat dry, but if it’s completely dry to the touch, the plant needs to be watered. Jade plants grow comfortably if they get at least four hours of direct sunlight a day, so place them by a windowsill for optimum results. To foster bloom growth, keep your Jade plant in a cool environment. Jade is considered a “long-term houseplant”—when cared for properly, they can survive for many years. Dog owners, beware: Jade plants can be poisonous, so go with another plant if you have a pup.


Chicago Apartments, Beginner Houseplants, Philodendron



Philodendrons are one of the most popular low-maintenance houseplants due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance and easy care requirements. The word philodendron is derived from the Greek words for love and tree —philo and denron. This “love tree” is native to the rainforests of South America, but it’s widely known for its adaptability to any indoor climate. Place your philodendron in bright, indirect sunlight, and watch it thrive.


No matter what you get, make sure that you get a plant you love! That’s what is most important.


Happy Planting!

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