These Low-Light House Plants Are Perfect for Apartments

Flowering House Plants

Not all house plants require loads of direct or bright light. If you’re searching for new plant babies that can thrive in shadier spaces, we have some suggestions for you. Below, check out the best low-light house plants for apartments.

Low Light House Plants

Weeping Fig Tree (Ficus)

First up is the weeping fig tree (or ficus tree). This house plant does well with limited light. As for its soil, the ficus will do just fine in any well-draining potting soil. Keep your weeping fig tree’s soil moist, but be careful not to overwater it — a consistent watering schedule it key to your ficus tree’s success.

Low-Light House Plants

Snake Plant

Next on our list of low-light house plants is the snake plant. These cool plants are pretty popular thanks to their long, pointed leaves. Luckily, snake plants are also adored for their resilience! These plants can survive in super low-lit conditions, and they don’t require much water, either. To keep yours healthy, grow it in a free-draining mixture, and water it when the soil is dry.

these house plants do well with minimal light

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are another house plant that doesn’t require lots of direct sunlight to survive. Grow your peace lily in potting soil, and keep it moist to watch it thrive. While peace lilies love water, be careful not to give yours too much. Yellowing or brown-tipped leaves may be a sign to ease up on your watering schedule.

low light apartment plants

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants tolerate neglect well, making them an ideal choice for lazy (or busy) plant lovers. However, be warned — ZZ plants are poisonous, so if you have pets, choose a different house plant. Otherwise, ZZ plants can be great apartment plants. Your choice of soil won’t matter — just make sure to water your plant when the soil is dry.

apartment plants that don't need much light

Spider Plant

Last but not least is the spider plant, which is a super easy house plant to maintain. Spider plants need well-draining soil, and while they prefer indirect light, they’ll do just fine in low-light apartments. Let the soil dry out between waterings for best results.

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