Local Chicago Skincare Brands To Try This Fall

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There’s no better way to support your home city than by shopping locally.  As the weather cools,  you may be looking for some skin care products to combat the harsh effects of cold weather.  Lucky for us, there is a wide selection of local brands and businesses right here in Chicago, including a variety of natural skincare and beauty brands. Here are three local Chicago brands to check out this fall. Try out one or all, and treat yourself to a little staycation at home in your apartment.

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Skincare, Astrida Naturals

Astrida Naturals

Established in 2008, Astrida Naturals offers small-batch beauty and skincare products made locally in the Windy City. The brand is dedicated to using only plant-based materials and ethically sourced organic ingredients, providing all-natural products that are cruelty-free. Astrida Naturals offers an array of lotions, fragrances, lip balms, toners, and face masks in soothing scents such as Sandalwood Vanilla and Lemon Verbena. For those with sensitive skin, unscented options are available as well.

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Skincare, Ari Rose

Ari Rose

Ari Rose is a local body care line offering all-natural skincare products for women. Ari Rose owner, Jessica Mann, started the brand after becoming frustrated with the frequency of toxic chemicals she found in her skin care products while pregnant with her second child. Named after Jessica’s two daughters, Ari Rose offers bath and beauty essentials such as soaps, body butter, and masks, all free of harsh toxins and irritants.

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Skincare, Bonnie


Founded in 2010, Bonnie offers lip balms and other skincare products for the conscious consumer. Combining the best of both “nature and science,” Bonnie products contain natural ingredients free of sulfates and harsh chemicals. All products are handmade by Bonnie’s owner, Sarah deHebreard, here in Chicago. Check out her Lip & Cheek Treatment Balm for a double dose of natural, skin-nourishing goodness.


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