Living in Chicago – S*** Girls Say – Looking at Chicago Apartments

We’re sorry we used a bad word.  We don’t mean to offend anyone.  It’s just that the “Shit Girls Say” phenomenon has taken the internet by storm, and we’re not ashamed to jump on the bandwagon.
If you’re not familiar with “Shit Girls Say“, it started as a simple Twitter feed from two Canadian comics who later turned it into a series of YouTube videos (which combined have 20 million views).   And then, like any internet phenomenon, the parodies started rolling in…like an avalanche.  So we decided to make our own “Shit Girls Say” video from our 2756 N. Pine Grove building in Lincoln Park.  We call it “Shit Girls Say – Looking at Chicago Apartments”.  We’re not trying to be twinsies or anything, but like to think of it as a parody of the parodies.
Isn’t that cute?

We’d love to hear what you think of our “Shit Girls Say” video.  Please leave a comment below, or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.  And for more cute videos from us, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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