Living in Chicago – Pizza On The Go in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast

Everyone loves on-the-go pizza that is dirt cheap but doesn’t taste like dirt.  Here are a few fast and flavorful options, one in each of PPM’s amazing Chicago neighborhoods.   All are under $10, individually sized, and perfect for lunch, dinner, or late-night recovery.

Lakeview – Pie Hole  – (3477 N. Broadway)

Pie Hole serves pizza by the slice, made with the toppings you want while you wait.  Their pizza is delicious, and, for the price, spectacular.  The average slice won’t set you back more than $4.  Wednesdays are  “All you can shove” –  all-you-can eat pizza and a drink (soda) for $8.95.  Plus, Pie Hole is open late every night of the week, from 11am-Midnight Sunday to Thursday and until 3am on Friday and Saturday.

Lincoln Park – Pizza Persona – (614 W. Diversey)

The menu at Pizza Persona’s offers answers to the slogan “What’s your pizzanality?”.  Their pizzas come with personality-type names, such as the “Yuppie” with spicy Thai sauce, low fat mozzarella, corn, carrots, white onions, cilantro and grilled chicken.  Or the “Hottie” with hot sauce, mozzarella, jalapeños, red onions, and grilled chicken.  If you’d rather build your own pizza from the ground up instead of picking a persona, there are a multitude dough, sauce, and topping options to choose from.  But the best part of Pizza Persona is that all pizzas are made from scratch right in front of you, and they’re cooked from dough to done in 5 minutes.  We really don’t know how they do it.

Gold Coast – Chi-Town Pizza –  (11 W. Division)

The slogan “Eat Pizza Now” is perfect for this NYC style joint.  Ready-to-eat slices are always on hand here, and they stay open until 5am, 7 days a week.  If you’re looking for something tasty for fourth meal or need to grease up for hangover-protection head here.  And, with the average meal (slice and a soda) going for under $6, you’ll have money left over for coffee in the morning.
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0 thoughts on “Living in Chicago – Pizza On The Go in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast

  1. I’ve lived in this area for years, and have never once had Pizza Persona! Is it new to the neighborhood? The cowboy sounds like it would make my tummy happy.

  2. Pizza persona is definitely great if you are craving good pizza and you don’t have a lot of time for lunch.. It’s a good addition to the newly revamped Diversey street. I live down the street from Chi-town pizza and have yet to eat it at a decent hour.. Perfect location with all the bars.

  3. Oh pie hole, u have saved me from so many hangovers and face tattoos. Bff <3
    Love always,
    The Colombian.
    Ps: cannot wait to have the other three places save me from drunk dialing an ex.

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