Living in Chicago – How to Survive the Winter Weather Comfortably

After a long pause, it looks like the winter weather is back on in Chicago.  Here at PPM we don’t mind; we love Chicago unconditionally no matter the conditions outside – whether it’s rain, snow, sleet or shine (sometimes all at once).  And even though our apartments are perfect for curling up in with a good movie and your favorite comfort food, we realize you may need to venture outside for work or play.  And since most Chicagoans spend more time walking than driving, that means you need to be prepped for being out on the sidewalk in the frosty, snowy weather.  So here’s our best head-to-toe tips (well, lips to feet) on staying safe and comfy while traversing the sidewalk.

Beautiful Chap-Free Lips

One of the best products for lip repair and maintenance doesn’t come from the pharmacy, but from the kitchen in the form of olive oil.  The reason lips get chapped is because they don’t produce the natural skin-protecting oils like the rest of the body, which can wreak havoc in winter weather.  The perfect remedy for this is dabbling a little olive oil onto your finger and rubbing it into your lips.  This works better than most pharmacy-bought lip products; those products contain alcohols that tingle when put on the lips (to make you think that they’re working), but actually end up drying the lips in the long run.

Comfy Frost-Free Hands

Smartphone gloves, that is gloves that work with the touchscreen on a smartphone, are the must-have item of the season.  A touchscreen works because  your finger interferes with the electromagnetic field created by the phone.  Normally gloves prevent this interference, and in turn prevent the touchscreen from working.  Smartphone gloves have tiny strands of metal woven into the index finger so that they don’t interfere with the interference that makes the screen work.  They can be found at any sports store and many local clothing retailers.

Feet That Stay Grounded

Wear shoes with grooves in the soles.   Shoes that have soles with grooves have more pressure points for better traction in snow and ice than those without.  But if you must wear slick-bottomed shoes, get a set of Yak-Trak walkers (or a comparable item) from the nearest sports store and never worry about slipping again.  Yak-Traks stretch over the bottom of the shoe , provide instant traction, and are easily removable when you get to your destination.
Have any of your own winter weather tips?  We’d love to hear them.  Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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