Lito’s Empanadas

Chicago Apartments, Lito's Empanadas

2566 N. Clark

11:00 am -9:00 pm

On the corner of Wrightwood and Clark Avenue, there is a little restaurant that goes by the name of Lito’s Empanadas – 2566 N. Clark St. We chose to indulge our appetites in this close to standing room only, 8 year old empanada storefront, after hearing much about them. They offer ten varieties of perfectly prepared dough containing savory to sweet fillings made fresh every day.

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Chicago Apartments, Lito's Empanadas

Typically when I imagine a fried dough pastry, filled with meats, cheeses or NUTELLA BANANA- I immediately ponder how much of the actual dough will crumble and fall to the basket… Not Lito’s. It could be their recipe, or it could just be the culinary skill level that completely blew my mind, but these empanadas don’t crumble, run, or leave you feeling greasy.

Chicago Apartments, Lito's Empanadas

Our suggestions are the Vegetarian, Al Pastor, and the Spinach. Three empanadas should leave you feeling full enough.

Chicago Apartments, Lito's Empanadas

If you have room left over… NUTELLA BANANA!!!!!!!!! Make sure to check out our latest blog on the famous Wiener’s Circle!

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