Let the Halloween Fun Begin!

Chicago Apartments, Halloween Costumes

Halloween weekend has finally arrived! It’s officially time for scary jack-oh-lanterns, horror films, candy apples, eye ball stew, devil punch and monsters roaming the streets. Oh this weekend is sure to be a frightful delight!

Now, have you waited until the final days to decide what you’re going to be for Halloween? Well it’s said that Lady Gaga, Avatar Na’vi, Bella Swan (twilight) and Jersey Shore’s Snookie are some of the most popular costumes of the year.
No need to fret if you want to go as a duo we have plenty of ideas such as, Shrek and Fiona, Romeo and Juliet, Mario and Luigi, Batman and Robin, Danny & Sandy (Grease), Devil and Angel, or the ever popular, Vampire and its Victim.Chicago Apartments, Halloween Costumes
Or do you have a great costume that you wear every year? Do you want to change it up but don’t have the money or just love your costume too much to change it? Well, why doesn’t that great costume of yours get a costume itself? Yes, your costume will wear a costume! See Pictures of Pooh and Tiger dressed as Angel & Devil one year and Sheriff and Cowboy the next.
Ok, so now you know what you’re going to be, but where are you going to go? There are Villain Parties, Zombie Proms and the Halloween Bash list could go on and on. Visit www.chicago.metromix.com for a full list of fun events throughout the city.
Chicago Apartments, Halloween CostumesPPM wishes everyone a great weekend and please tell us what you’re going to be, or better yet send us a picture! Tweet us a picture on twitter to @ppm_apartments or put it on our Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/plannedproperty

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