Laundry Room Etiquette

If you live in a PPM building you have the amenity of in-building laundry. Which is glorious. Imagine lugging your hamper down to a Laundromat or dry cleaner. No thank you.So, with this great privilege of in-building laundry, comes great responsibility.

I am sure that each of us has been either offended by someone’s laundry room behavior or have been an offender and didn’t know it.

Here are a few tips so that we can all get on the same page about laundry room etiquette:

Abide by the hours

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Some buildings have 24 hour laundry rooms and some may post hours. The reason hours are posted isn’t to inconvenience you, its because maybe the washer or dryer causes noise in one of the other apartments and a dryer banging against the wall at 2am is not ideal. If your laundry room has hours posted, it’s best to follow them.

Mind your time

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I get it, it’s happened to me plenty of times where I know exactly what time I put my laundry in and exactly what time I need to head upstairs to get it when its done, but then the housewives are on TV and you lose track of time. I get it. However, it’s still rude. The worst thing ever is timing your laundry perfectly from the washer and having no open dryers to put it in because people haven’t gotten their clothes out yet. So try your hardest to set an alarm or a timer because timing a 30-40 minute wash and 45-60 minute dry should not be this difficult.

Washer/Dryer Takeover

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So maybe someone forgot about their laundry and you go to switch your wash to dry and there are no open dryers. What do you do? Do you wait until they move their clothes? Do you take their clothes out? What if they awkwardly walk in while you’re taking their clothes out of the dryer? Cringe. Well, there are rules for this type of thing. First, you should give them the benefit of the doubt. Sure, maybe the dryer is cold and has obviously been off for hours but maybe, just maybe, they’ll be back soon. Head back to your apartment and check again in 15 minutes. If the clothes are there when you come back, you have free reign to take them out. BUT WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM? Well, if there’s a basket on top of the dryer, put them in there, otherwise put them on top of the same dryer or on a nearby table. If you find clothes in a washer you shouldn’t put them in a dryer – what if their favorite shirt is in there and it can’t be dried? Also, you run the risk of them not finding their clothes for a little while. Also, folding other people’s clothes is not necessary and is actually a little creepy in my opinion.

Repeat Offenders

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If a lot of people in your building seem to be disregarding laundry room etiquette, you should mention it to your building manager who may be able to help solve the problem by posting a few reminders.

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