Labriola Café and Ristorante Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante, Slagel Farms Burger

With our latest building joining the PPM family, The Chicagoan located at 750 North Rush in the heart of the Gold Coast, we were anxious to explore Michigan Avenue to find a new and exciting place to eat. After some time walking the Magnificent Mile, we were hard pressed to find something with an outdoor patio, now with the summer months rolling in.

As we walked up to 535 North Michigan Avenue, we spotted around the corner a colorful patio. So we decided to venture forth and we’re glad we did, on a beautifully re-done pass overlooking Grand and Michigan stood Labriola Café and Ristorante. At that point we knew we found our place and couldn’t wait to sit, eat and experience this brand new hit Chicago restaurant!

This Chicagoan

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante

So what is Labriola you may ask? Well to start, there are three distinct experiences within one space: a full-service Italian ristorante helmed by Executive Chef John Caputo (formerly of Bin 36 and A Mano), a bar and a quick-service bakery café. You can expect a wide variety of choices including but not limited to homemade pastas, seafood’s and steaks. So let’s take a look at what we ate, drank, and saw!

Slagel Farms Burger

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante

Slagel farms is a family owned farm down near Peoria, IL. They raise their animals without antibiotics and hormones. Their beef is incredibly delicious and that is part of the reason why their Burger made it on Zaget’s top 10 Best New Burgers around U.S. Served on the brioche roll with Hookes aged cheddar, bacon onion jam, hand-cut fries, duck fat garlic aioli & house made butter pickle.

Short Rib Sandwich

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante, Short Rib Sandwich

Served with creamy taleggio fonduta, house made giardiniera and caramelized onions.

Neapolitan Pizza Margarita

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante, Neapolitan Pizza Margarita

This is not only served during the late night but has plenty of options to quench your pizza crave.

Ruby Red Daisy Cocktail

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante, Ruby Red Daisy Cocktail

Their daisy cocktail is made with a more neutral spirit, CH Vodka. This allows the grapefruit and floral notes of the St. Germain shine. The grapefruit juice and lime juice add the backbone of acidity with just a touch of simple syrup and a splash of club soda. But who could forget the bitters. With a thinly sliced grapefruit wheel that hugs the glass and a beautiful bouquet of pansies or any other floral garnish makes this a very attractive cocktail, perfect for the patio.

Amazing Outdoor Patio

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante

This pretty much speaks for itself!

Private Dining Room

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante

Seating up to 30. Their 65-seat bar is stocked with close to over 100 wines, beers and specialty cocktails to enjoy for an evening dinner experience.

Bakery Café

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante

Offers casual service and seating featuring pastries, salads, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas.

Gelato Machine

Chicago Apartments, Labriola Cafe and Ristorante

Their 12 Flavor Gelato machine straight from Italy is bound to cool you off in the hot Chicago summer months.

Finally Labriola does deliver from Roosevelt to Division and the Lake to Ashland. So if you’re a new resident in the Gold Coast or River North or looking to head down from Lincoln Park and Lakeview. We can’t list more reasons on why you need to visit Labriola Café and Resturantie.

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