Krypton VR Lounge

Chicago Apartments, Krypton VR Lounge


This week we’re doing something very different. We usually go tell you the best places to eat or drink, but this week we’re taking you to Krypton Virtual Reality Lounge. Located right near Belmont & Halsted, this Virtual Reality Lounge can take you anywhere and it’s conveniently located!

Krypton VR Lounge

3153 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657


Chicago Apartments, Krypton VR Lounge


What is it?

Virtual reality immerses you right into whatever game you’re playing. It puts YOU in the game. Your body is the controller.

New to video games? No big deal at all!  Since YOU are the controller, this is just as easy to figure out as anyone else.

 Chicago Apartments, Krypton VR Lounge


With over 30 games to choose from, there’s a lot to do!

We suggest starting out with something familiar. Ever played Fruit ninja on an iphone? Super easy to play.

Once you’ve figured it out though, we really suggest you play “Richie’s Plank Experience”

It’s an awesome experience that takes you to the top of a building and lets you walk onto a tiny plank!

It’s a crazy experience!

Remember, if you’re afraid of heights it’s just a game!

 Chicago Apartments, Krypton VR Lounge


Who doesn’t love a beer?

Krypton VR Lounge agrees!

Bring your own beer and have a great time with friends!


Chicago Apartments, Krypton VR Lounge

Bring Friends

Krypton VR Lounge is super affordable, and it’s based on time, so bring some friends, split the cost and crack open a few beers!



If you’re one of our residents, just mention that you live with Planned Property Management and you get $5.00 off of your purchase!

Have fun!

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