Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe in Chicago’s Cold Weather

keeping your pets safe in cold weather

Frigid temps are the norm here during winter in Chicago, which can be dangerous for pets. Check out these tips for keeping your pets safe in cold weather.

keep pets safe in the cold

Stay Inside Your Apartment

The easiest way to protect your pets (and yourself) from the frigid cold is to simply stay inside your apartment. If you don’t have a reason to venture out into the cold, just skip it. When temperatures drop dangerously low, dog parents should take their pups out to do their business, then head back indoors. PPM’s private pet parks make this easy!

keep pets safe in the cold

Protect Your Pet’s Paws

When you take your pup outside, be mindful of where they step. The salt used to rid sidewalks and streets of slippery ice is toxic to dogs. Be sure to thoroughly wipe your pooch’s paws once you bring them back inside. Warming up your pup’s paws with a warm towel is also recommended, as the cold air, ice, and snow can cause damage to the soft pads of their feet.

keep your pets safe in cold weather

Buy Your Pet Outerwear

Your pets may be fluffy, but during the winter months, they may be able to use some extra insulation. Pet outwear provides an additional layer of warmth during cold weather that will help to keep your pet nice and toasty. It’s an especially good idea for small dogs who don’t have a lot of body fat or fur to naturally keep them warm.

keep your pets safe in cold weather

Provide a Cozy Spot for Your Pet

Speaking of extra warmth, pets love blankets just as much as we do in the wintertime. To be sure your fur-babies have a comfortable spot to rest, offer your pet extra blankets or sheets. Then make yourself some tea and settle in for some cozy time in your apartment.

keep pets safe in cold weather

Let Your Pet’s Fur Grow

If you normally shave or groom or pet’s fur to keep it under control, now is the time to take a break. Pets naturally grow long fur to keep themselves warm during cold weather, so it’s best to let nature do its thing. Trimming the excess fur might help you from having to do deal with excessive fur, but it won’t help your pets stay warm during cold weather.

keep pets safe in the cold

Increase Your Pet’s Food Intake

When it’s cold outside, cats and dogs have to burn more calories to stay warm (the same goes for us humans). In the wild, animals gain a little weight in the winter, which helps protect them from the dangers of cold weather. While you shouldn’t allow your cat or dog to become overweight, a little extra food may go a long way in the winter.

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