Keeping Dogs Warm During a Cold Chicago Winter

Chicago Apartments, Dog Tips

Are you worried about your furry friend in the cold, windy Chicago weather?

We at PPM want to make sure you and your dog keep as warm as possible during the cold Chicago months!

Tips and tricks to keep your dog warm and healthy is what we strive for you and your pup.

So here are a few helpful hints guaranteed to keep your dog warm and cozy on those frigid winter days.

Lets dive in!


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Grooming can be difficult during the winter for those breeds that need consistent trims; some owners feel those pangs of guilt taking away their fur baby’s longer fur. It is best not to close trim, shave, or cut your dog’s hair but to perhaps opt to do less frequent trims, saving the closer cuts for warmer weather. If you choose to limit the grooming sessions, do keep up with the frequent brushing to remove the knots and matted hair. Knots and matted fur that are not removed can actually worsen during the winter due to the snow and ice.

Shorter Walks

Chicago Apartments, Dog Tips

Shorter walks can help prevent your dog from getting so cold. Like their humans, dogs can tend to be a little less active in the winter months. Grass is at a premium in the city so walking on the pavements can be difficult for your furry friend, particularly if there has been a recent salting or cindering for snow or ice. Paw pads are sensitive; after a walk, be sure to take a quick look at their paws for embedded gravel or salt. If there is ice, it is important to make sure they do not slip. If they are standing in one area for a while, their hair and pads on their feet could get stuck to the ice.

Pet Clothing

Chicago Apartments, Dog Tips, Pet Clothing

Pet clothing isn’t just about making a fashion statement; it is a good way to help keep your dog warm in the bitter Chicago winters. A dog’s fur may not be sufficient to protect them from that frigid chill in the air. One clothing item you can get them is a sweater or vest. This will help to keep their backs insulated and if it is snowing it will prevent them from getting wet and possibly matted. Booties for their feet can be very helpful. This will help their feet stay dry and warm. This will allow them to tolerate the cold pavement longer, keeping salt and gravel out of their pads, and will help prevent frostbite.


Chicago Apartments, Dog Tips

Diets should be taken into consideration during the winter months. Dogs need extra calories and nutrients during the winter to produce the increased body heat to keep them warm. During the winter, dogs will tend to eat more food to keep their temperature up. This will not only keep them warm but keep them healthy. Don’t forget the water! Keep your pet well hydrated and together with a healthy diet, you and your fur baby can survive the frigid Chicago wintertime.

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