Keep Your Pets Calm During Fireworks With These Tips

Chicago Apartments, Pets during Fireworks Tips

Few things terrify pets quite like fireworks. And really, can you blame them? Our pets have no idea where those loud booms are coming from. For all they know, the end of the world is happening right outside the window. Dealing with a stressed out, anxious pet can be tough. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help keep your pets calm during fireworks. These tips will come in handy during this July 4th weekend. Check them out below. Bonus: Many of these tips also work for pets’ other worst enemy: thunderstorms.

Chicago Apartments, Pets during Fireworks Tips

Exercise Your Pet Beforehand

One of the best ways to keep your pets calm during fireworks is to tire them out long before the first “boom!” Plan to take your dog for a long walk or run in the dog park during the day or early evening. That way, by the time the sun goes down, your pooch will be pooped. Similarly, if you have a fearful cat, plan to play with her and tire her out before the fireworks begin. Your pets may not sleep through the loud noises, but if they’re sleepy, their anxiety will likely lessen.

Chicago Apartments, Pets during Fireworks Tips

Provide A Distraction

Providing a distraction for your pets is a good way to help keep them calm. For dogs, load up on chew toys, which can be used to help anxious dogs focus on something other than their anxiety. Good options include rawhides, plush toys, or rubber chew toys. Better yet, consider getting a “strategy toy” for your dog or cat. These toys hold some treats in the center and provide a little “game” for your pet as he or she must work to reach the reward. These toys can be great distractions for fearful animals.

Chicago Apartments, Pets during Fireworks Tips

Give Your Pet A Safe Space

Both dogs and cats seek shelter when they’re afraid. Before fireworks begin, be sure to have a “safe space” ready for your pet. This could be your dog’s crate, or it could be as simple as wrapping your dog up in a blanket, burrito style. A simple cardboard box will typically do just fine for fearful cats who seek a hiding spot. Add some blankets to make it extra comfy for your fearful feline.

Chicago Apartments, Pets during Fireworks Tips

Comfort Them With Touch

Harness the power of touch to help keep your pets calm during fireworks. When you massage your pet in certain ways, you may help relieve their anxiety. In general, petting your cat or dog with gentle, long strokes should help them calm down. There are also more specific massage techniques you can try out with your pet. Learn more about pet massage here.

Chicago Apartments, Pets during Fireworks Tips

Consider Additional Help

For extra anxious pets, consider using some outside help. This could be in the form of a natural calming supplement, such as chamomile or herbal pills for pets. Another option that’s been growing in popularity recently is pet-friendly CBD. Just like with humans, CBD can help calm your pets’ nervous system and ease their stress. It may even help your pet drift off to sleep. Learn more about how CBD can help your dog here.

More Tips:

When dogs are anxious, they tend to pant a lot. This can lead to dehydration. Be sure to provide your dog with lots of water so that they stay hydrated if they become overly anxious.

It’s not just the noises that can scare animals — the sight of fireworks can cause anxiety, too. If you live close enough to see fireworks from your window, it’s a good idea to close your curtains to help keep your pets feeling safe and secure.

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