Is Your PPM Home the HOTTEST PAD of 2010???

Chicago Apartments, Living Room

HOTTEST PAD 2010! Win an iPad or a $500 rent credit if you have the HOTTEST studio, one, two or three bedroom PPM apartment!
Have you been putting off hanging your curtains? Sluggish at getting organized? Here’s one way to get motivated! At PPM we like to reward our tenants for taking good care of our community. We love when people design their homes and tailor them to their own unique tastes. We are looking for tenants who have a sleek style that is all their own. Is it you??? Send us the best pics you have of your home and you could win! It’s that easy!
You must have your entries in by July 31st to win. Make sure to email your pics (3-5) to:, and write a few sentences (150-300 words) about why your place is the hottest pad of 2010! Please remember to include you Name, Address, Apartment Number and Type (studio, one bed, etc.). Of course, you must be a PPM resident to enter!
Some criteria to consider….
1) Creativity. Have you used your own, original style to pull your apartment together? Unique use of space, furniture and accents will most definitely be ranked highly.
2) Use of Color and Texture. These are important aspects in any design. Important things to consider in this category are color schemes, as well as balance. Too much color can be crazy, while too little color can be dull.
3) Balance. The apartment should have a balanced feeling. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, balance is about visual weight, not necessarily symmetry. Examples of imbalance are bulky, large furniture paired with thin, modern furniture. Perhaps it is necessary to rearrange things to trick the eye. For more tips, check out “10 Simple and Affordable Design Rules for Your PPM Home!”
Chicago Apartments, Living Room4) Organization. Clutter free spaces with creative solutions are something that everyone wants! If you have made creative organization decisions we can’t wait to see them! If you have too many knick-knacks lying around or shoes in your hallway it’s time to find them a home within your home!
Most importantly, we hope that you will have fun participating in The HOTTEST PAD 2010 Contest! We can’t wait to receive your entries. Please email us with any questions!

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