Is PPM’s Central Leasing Office At 806 West Belmont Haunted?

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, 806 W Belmont

While most of the country enjoys Christmas or Thanksgiving as their favorite time of year, here in Chicago, Halloween is the most celebrated holiday.
Chicagoans start enjoying well before October 31st and even the most frightful get into the “spirit” of things and participate in the Windy City’s local events.
At PPM, we don’t have to go far for a good fright. Our Central Leasing Office at 806 W. Belmont has a history of ghostly happenings from cold spots to misplaced items.
Built in 1879, there was fire in the attic that claimed the lives of four people. Most staff will not stay in the house by themselves.
Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, 806 W Belmont
“I was sitting at the front desk, and felt someone looking over my shoulder. When I turned around, one of the Christmas stocking hanging on the fireplace fell about 3 feet away from where it was originally hanging. There was No One there, I can’t explain it”, says one of our leasing agents.
Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, 806 W Belmont
The Victorian era home is beautifully decorated with stained glass windows, crown molding and hanging chandeliers, but the ghost in the broom closets are well talked about year round. Our receptionist was finished using the photocopier in the back room, and didn’t’ get far when she realized she left the original behind. When she turned around to go back, there was a chair pulled out and in the same pathway that she just came from a few seconds earlier. She didn’t hear or see anything and could not explain how it got there.
Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, 806 W Belmont
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One thought on “Is PPM’s Central Leasing Office At 806 West Belmont Haunted?

  1. I did find the blog. It has been known that Sauk Indians have a burial ground under the building, Do you feel cold air every once in while. Do you see shadows, outlines of
    It must be the paranormal or supernatural. Sometimes lights flicker off and on. TV goes on by itself. There are spirits who moan,.
    Next time you suspect a spirit don’t be afraid
    tell it go to the light,
    Most paranormal sights take place between 3am-6am
    You can use sage in all your rooms. It helps get rid of the spirits, I wouldn’t stay by myself either in the office alone. That’s some of the facts I know.

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