Instant Ramen Hacks To Make Your Meal Healthier

Chicago Apartments, Ramen Tips


Instant ramen has a reputation for being the meal of choice for broke students or anyone on a limited budget. While it’s an easy way to eat on the cheap, instant ramen is, unfortunately, lacking in the nutrition department (seriously, we checked, and there’s hardly any nutritional value in a pack of Nissan Ramen). We don’t want to give up our ramen though, and we bet you don’t either. That’s why we’ve gathered four instant ramen hacks that will add some nutritional value to this easy meal. You don’t have to be on a budget to enjoy the goodness of ramen, either. These simple instant ramen hacks will have you craving it on the regular. Just be careful not to overindulge—you can make ramen a little healthier by adding to it, but you can’t take away all the excess sodium it has. Enjoy in moderation, and you’ll be good to go.

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Ramen Tips

Add an Egg

We’ve come to realize that “throw an egg on it!” is the answer to many of life’s problems. Ramen is yet another food that can be made so much better with the simple addition of the incredible, edible egg. We love adding a raw egg and letting it cook just enough so that the center is still yolky. This one may be our favorite instant ramen hack.

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Ramen Tips

Try Frozen Veggies

Instant ramen may contain dehydrated veggies, but more vegetables will only make it better. You don’t have to spend a ton of time chopping fresh produce. Simply purchase a bag of frozen veggies and throw them into your pot for an easy, upgraded meal.

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Ramen Tips

Swap Your Broth

Instant ramen broth is chock-full of sodium, and not much else. To improve the nutritional value of your instant ramen, swap the broth for something a little healthier, such as miso. We promise you won’t miss the flavor packets once you make the switch.

Chicago Apartments, Healthy Ramen Tips

Add Protein

The best instant ramen hack to make your meal heartier is to add some protein. Our favorite choices are chicken or tofu, but you can mix it up with whatever protein you prefer. Adding some protein to your meal will give it some extra energy-producing power.


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