Inspire Us — Tell Us About Your Biggest Act of Kindness

Kindness is contagious!
Every single day we have the opportunity to extend a form of kindness to people around us. Whether it’s holding a door open for someone, giving money or meal to someone who is under-resourced, helping your neighbors carry in their groceries, or taking the time to be there for someone that’s hurting, there are truly endless ways we can make a difference.
Sometimes the acts of kindness we extend are small and subtle, and sometimes they are major, but we’d all agree when you do something good for someone else it makes you feel good, too!
We’d love to hear some of the stories of how YOU have extended kindness to others — what’s your biggest act of kindness?
Leave a comment below and share your story. We’ll randomly select some of you to receive Gift Cards!
Inspire us with your stories and inspire others too!

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