Indoor Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Indoor Activities, Haymarket Pub & Brewery

While we should cherish these hot summer days in Chicago, sometimes we need to catch a break from the sun.

Luckily, there are many alternatives to spending a day on Oak Street Beach.

Whether you want to go to an art museum or see a show with friends, Chicago has it all!

Here are our favorite ways to escape the heat.

Navy Pier

Chicago Apartments, Indoor Activities, Navy Pier

Navy Pier has a wide range of indoor activities separated from their rides on the pier. Stop by The Amazing Chicago’s Funhouse Maze, which is a tricky and entertaining maze for all ages or the IMAX Theatre to feel like you are in the wilderness! Navy Pier also has a variety of restaurants such as Billy Goat Tavern, DMK Burger Bar and Fish Bard, Ben & Jerry’s, and more.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Chicago Apartments, Indoor Activities, Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the largest collections of modern art in the country and offers performances and programs as well. It is located right next to The Water Tower Place, right by our Gold Coast apartments!

Haymarket Pub and Brewery

Chicago Apartments, Indoor Activities, Haymarket Pub and Brewery

The Haymarket Pub and Brewery opened in 2010, but looks like an old fashioned pub inside. Haymarket brews their own beer and has windows to see the brew house and fermentation room while you walk between the two main areas. They have delicious food and frequently have live shows from slam poetry to bands in their Drinking and Writing Theater.

We hope these give you some options on how to get out of the sun when you need to this summer! For a list of outdoor activities this summer check out our Beginners Guide To Chicago Tours and Sightseeing!

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